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Order conditions

Availability and delivery times

The products that are marked as green ball will be sent within 1–2 business days of ordering, depending on their availability. If the delivery will be delayed, we’ll do our best to notify you as soon as possible.

Estimated selivery times: 


The product is in stock.

The product is temporarily out of stock.

If the product is out of stock or difficult to obtain, the delivery time may be increased. In this case, we will notify the customer by email and settle each case individually.

Suomen Tanssitarvike will not be responsible for delays in delivery caused by external factors, such as the manufacturer’s inability to deliver a product or the product being held in customs.

Rush order

If the order you’re placing is time-sensitive (due to e.g. a performance), make sure to mention it in the “Add Comments About Your Order” field when ordering.

Uncollected orders and customer relationship

Suomen Tanssitarvike reserves the right to, at its discretion, refuse the delivery or return of an order, cancel an order or close a customer’s account without further notice either for the time being or permanently.

N.B. As stated in the new Consumer Protection Act, effective from 13th June 2014, failing to collect a shipment is not the same as returning an order (customer return). We charge in full all the expenses caused by shipments sent after 13th June 2014 that have not been collected by the customer and have thus been sent back to Suomen Tanssitarvike. The cost of an uncollected shipment is 20 euros and it is deducted from the total amount refunded to the customer. The fee consists of the expenses caused by packaging, sending and returning the order.

If you want to cancel an order after it has been sent to you, you have to collect the shipment and then return it to us using Posti Group’s Customer Return address label.


If you have made a multiple-product order that we cannot deliver completely right away, we may suggest substitute products that we have in stock or delivering your order in installments. If you choose to receive the backorder products in installments, separate shipping costs will be charged for each installment, except for products with the free delivery badge and methods of delivery that have been designated as free of charge.

Advance payment invoice

We also sell products using advance payment invoice. The creditworthiness of the company is reviewed when the order is processed. The ownership of the product is transferred to the customer once the invoice is paid in full. We will send the products only after the invoice has been paid and the payment has arrived on our bank account.

To make sure that we send the product as soon as possible, please notify us by email once you have settled the invoice.

Customer database

The customer database of Suomen Tanssitarvike is confidential and we are committed to ensure no information is passed to third parties for commercial purposes. 

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